The main aims and objectives of Engineers Association of Bangladesh (EAB) are as follows:-

1: To support the employment of unemployed engineers in Bangladesh and ensure equal rights. To arrange employment of engineers by establishing inter-relation/liaison with various industrial establishments and private establishments to assist in the field of employment.

2: Safety of engineers working in various organizations, health risks and medical expenses in case of accidents, etc., should be brought to a policy and take initiative to implement it.

3: Bringing in a policy of employment, dismissal of engineers working in various organizations. Enact policies through government action and assist in their proper enforcement.

4: To bring the engineers working in various institutions under the gratuity, provident fund, pension. Covering various allowances and benefits including medical allowance under the policy and providing necessary legal assistance in case of financial and physical harm at work.

5: Taking necessary steps to establish the engineers working in various institutions as successful entrepreneurs through proper training.

6: To bring up all the just demands of engineers working in various institutions to the appropriate authorities of the government. Formulate and implement policies.

7: By establishing mutual relations with the engineering organizations of different countries of the world, in keeping with the world by making bilateral agreements, the members of EAB will maintain the same position in engineering and technology knowledge and create job opportunities in different organizations of the world.

8: To create opportunities for exchange of technical knowledge, experience among engineers working in various industrial organizations inter-country. To promote engineering practice and professional skills with a view to imparting modern information and knowledge related to engineering and technology to the members of EAB.

9: Providing realistic training to unemployed / freshers in every sector to enhance the skills of engineers and eliminate unemployment. Establishing its own training institute on a priority basis in each department of the country.

10: To work in coordination with all the service organizations of Bangladesh and to manage the organization in accordance with all the laws of the state.

11: Engineers Association of Bangladesh (EAB) shall never be used for personal gain and EAB shall always be run as a professional, voluntary, service and welfare non-profit organization.

12: Engineers Association of Bangladesh (EAB) is a completely non-political and secular organization. To establish a fraternal society irrespective of caste, caste and religion.13: To ensure the implementation of the National Labor Policy and (ILO) Labor Acts approved by the International Labor Organization (ILO) in the industrial establishments and to ensure the implementation of the National Occupation Safely and Health (NOSH) Policy in the workplace by the industrial establishments.

14: To compel affiliated institutions to develop skilled engineers / manpower through appropriate training by affiliated institutions during the apprenticeship period of fresh engineers in all industrial establishments and to establish engineers as skilled by self-technical training on behalf of EAB.

15: To provide free blood donation program and medical assistance to all engineers and their families associated with the organization.

16: EAB shall always be engaged in the humanitarian welfare of its members and assist in natural calamities.

17: Engineers Association of Bangladesh (EAB) will work to protect the legitimate rights and interests of all Diploma, BSC, MSc Engineers of Bangladesh.