Engineers Association of Bangladesh (EAB) will conduct all activities of the organization based on 12 principles. Below are the principles:

1: The main objective of Engineers Association of Bangladesh (EAB) is to support job seekers from all over the country in getting jobs to ensure employment rights.

2: To establish all newly passed engineers as competent engineers through proper training.

3: To establish all engineers who do not want to work or want to do something besides work as successful entrepreneurs.

4: To bond all engineers of all districts, upazilas and divisions of Bangladesh through communication with each other.

5: To manage the organization in the way it is managed in coordination with all the engineering organizations of other countries around the world.

6: To manage all the organizational activities of the entire Bangladesh through a management council, central executive committee, departmental committee and district committee to manage all the activities of the organization.

7: To determine the minimum salary structure of engineers in the workplace through liaison with representatives of all sectors, public and private.

8: Always evaluate all the grass roots and active members involved in the organization regardless of the title of the organization.

9: Engineers Association of Bangladesh (EAB) is a professional non-profit voluntary organization comprising engineers of all levels and departments.

10: All the engineering members involved in the organization should always establish themselves voluntarily to work for the welfare of engineers.

11: Engineers of all levels and departments of Bangladesh involved in the organization will be considered as general members of EAB.

12: It is our aim to establish all kinds of fundamental rights including ensuring the fundamental rights of the engineering society, safety at workplace.