General Secretary

MH Shakib

Assalamu Alaikum All Engineer Member Brothers and Sisters. *

EAB's target engineer will be skilled Engineers Association of Bangladesh (EAB) is a national organization of engineers, working to help unemployed engineers at all levels of Bangladesh get jobs, free blood donation, training engineers to become proficient in technology. .EAB firmly believes in bringing engineers from all over the country on a single platform and is committed to work for the overall development of engineers Will play a role in development.EAB has already gained a reputation across the country as a voluntary, professional and non-profit organizationThe EAB is already well organized from all the district level to the central office of the country and with the tireless work of all the members of the District Committee, Divisional Committee, Central Committee and Board of Directors, EAB is moving forward at a tremendous pace for the welfare of all the engineering membersGive engineers the gift of a beautiful, well-organized workplace.I wish you all the best, stay well and stay healthy.